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I guess I'll say happy Val's day although I'm late. At least in Brazil I'm not late for it, here it's on the 12th of June. I think June is a better month for it anyway. I hope every one will have the chance to feel loved on Val's day.I myslef have not yet, but thats hopefuly because it's not Val's day yet! heh.

No roses so far, no chocolates or cute little cotten filled animals. But even when I was with some one I didn't get those things so what do I know.
My little Sexy Cel is teaching me how to have fun as a single, but I'm learning not to take addvice from some one who has NEVER been single past 15 heh. Anyway I'm not missing out. I have this really hot guy who wants to be with me all the time, I don't need anything else.
Even though he happens to be with countless other ppl at the same time, I always feel like he loves me more. Love is the best reason to live isn't it? "yeah, when you can get it" I here thousands of Family singles say. We'll you can get it, each and every day, the love Jesus gives us is better then any you can get from any other person, trust me. Even though some times you can't feel it, at least you can always count on it, it never hurts you, lies to you, he'll never ever take advantage of you and when he says he loves you you just know its the truth because he even dead f so you could be together, wow, thats romance. I think it's a lot less complex too. I love you my Jesus, help me to be your love to others so we can all have a little more. happy Val's day guys!!! AHHHHHH<>


I am a toilet

ONLY SEEN HERE, ON my Blog....JD AKA Jaydee...the rapper,
when you gotta you gotta



The most amazing thing happened, i got to meet Josie, she is so wonderful, beautiful, caring, sweet and mature; basically your typical Virgo girl.
I love you Jo, wish we could have had more time together.
The month of January was a action packed one, every one in the home was given three days to make the cash they would need for a week of vacation.
No one wants a partner because that means you have to split the cash, if not for this killer guy "Philippe La Plume" I could have been lost as I don't speak Portages for beans.
Phil is so full of faith so he and I struck out on a three day adventure. The Lord provided EVERYTHING and we even got to stay with the rest of the home in our King's vacation house by the beach.

i had to make four times as much as every one else was expected to make if I wanted to go to Rio, so I was really feeling the pressure. But Good Ol Phil took his time, we were treated to so many great foods and thrills. even though we didn't seem to be doing that good financially, we had a good time and at the end some how the Lord provided beyond what I needed even in January (the evil lack of money month) TYSMJ! Its amazing how we vagabonds get to live like the rich. Living for the Lord, although it takes every drop of strength ( physically and spiritually) is well worth it. We had a blast, I love you Phill. here are some shots of the two of us being silly and having fun as well as some of lovely Josie and I.

the open mouthed sleeper" Phill's greatest work yet!

drunk Sumuri Land Lord! my best work yet

sign says "happy ppl live here"

Pill, too cool for school"

"waiting for a ride as pan fill's Phill's mind heh"

Poor boy stung by evil sea things...

accuser of the saint"

wiFe who has had enough of drunk Land Lord summuri


some ppl

I think I ll start off by saying how in love I am with Jesus, I don't know what I would do or where I would be with-out You, you fill me in every way I could ever want to be filled, because of you this meaningless and aggravating life is not meaningless but instead full of adventure and sweet with love; a love I can call nothing else but a miracle. Its as if I ll never fear anything, I know that no matter what this world can do to me, my family, my friends; we are all Your children and you loved us before we were conceived so you will always keep us.I thank you my love for this opportunity to create something that can better a life, cradle a hurting heart and speak understanding to some one confused. We are shit compared to you my love, You are the only one capable of using a worthless, pitiful, proud and foolish some one for your purpose, indeed if not for you there would be nothing here but all the above.Thank you for not throwing me away, thank you for holding on to me long after I had let go. I wake up and find myself still alive, still alive after I was sure I was dead. You are EVERYTHING to me. My Jesus
some ppl are so wonderful, actually every one is wonderful, we just have to pull it out of them no?Though this post has no photos, I will go ahead and tell you that I am wearing a smile from ear to ear and my eyes are glistening with tears. Also I am thrilled to be working with Pedro, although I was sadly disillusioned. He isn't as cool as we all thought...yes, its true. But I dare say that if he was, he wouldn't have jumped to the chance to work with a no good musician like myself, no, if he was half as cool as some ppl I would not even bother. Pedro it a goof, slimy and foolish, and if he was anything more...I would want nothing to do with him. He kind of reminds me of Sam drummer, every one knows what he can do, but few get to see him farting around and making stupid jokes about things that NO one else things is funny. Well, I think its funny SAm.And Pedro...I love you..you rock out with your......out.


Love lights

I wasn't looking forward to saying good bye to both my room mates. I have grown attached to all three of them. Lilly was my dance partner and giggle buddy, a happy, go lucky, hippy child.

She was the spark I needed to "light my fire". I love you Joy toy, and I'll miss you.

And then there was Mateus. The baby and my god son. He used to drive me crazy,

he has a thing for waking his poor mom up at 4 in the morn. Julie has balls of brase or maybe its just plain ol love. But I'll tell you, nothing was more frightning then when Mateus started walking. Dear Lord, early walkers look like little Frankienstines hehe. Cute but scary.
Keep your head's up girls, I love you.


taking one for the team

in honor of this new year I'm going to make a concerted effort to reclaim my rightful place as co-founder of this closet, by updating from time to time.

starting now.

this is my happy face.


About this time last year I was in California USA being smothered in the arms of the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with making plans for a bright and radical future. This year I some how made it to Brazil and right now I'm all alone at the computer while every one from the aria are singing and having a gypsy dance around a fire at the beach.
Funny how life kind of throws you around, with time you start to lose any idea's of your own, you learn to give it all to God. Some ppl say I am one of those girl who have lost their faith in love, its not so, but I think that I am losing faith that there are other ppl out there who still believe in it; in true, die to yourself, give all it takes love. I don't want to become like so many others, ppl who fight to keep everything they own for fear that some one will take it. Cynical, that's what the world is today, and some times, so am I. We don't want to be right about the human race, but we often are.
For this new year, I pray for all the young ppl out there who are losing faith in humanity. We aren't here to make friend, we are her to lay down our lives for our enemies, we are here for God, for his son Jesus.
Happy new Year Children of David.